stf-meteoria-banderoll.jpgWelcome to
Meteoria Söderfjärden
- a unique visiting centre in the middle of the most beautiful meteorite crater in Finland

  • An advanced exhibition telling  a long story of at least 520 million years of Söderfjärden
    - from an impact crater to the agricultural and Natura 2000 area of today
  • A well-equipped astronomical observatory with a telescope for studies
    of celestial bodies millions of light years out into the universe
  • A bird-watching tower in the middle of the most important resting area for cranes in Finland
  • A cafeteria in an old treshing barn
  • A model of our solar system, a model of the crater an a timeline of earths history: TellusTimeLine
  • An energy cellar - own production of renewable energy: solar and wind
  • An exhibition with unique meteorites and an exhibition with old farming machinery

The Meteoria is managed by Sundom bygdeförening (volontary village-association) in cooperation with the Astronomical society of Vaasa Andromeda