The Tellus time line

Balansbom 0-BIG BANG.jpg

A staggering walk

Earth arose 4 567 000 000 years ago, i.e. 4 567 million years back.

A time hike on a 45 meters and 67cm long beam of balance on the farm at Meteoria Söderfjärden hopefully gives some idea of the staggering long time span.

Signs on poles along the beam of balance tell about important events in Earth's history during the 4 567 million years.

Children's beam of balance, the Tellus Time line, is a long hike from the Earth's formation via the emerge of Söderfjärden 520 million years ago, until the present. 1 million years is equal to 1 cm on the beam. The modern man's entire history can fit in to the last 2 millimeters of the beam.

A Big bang marker is beside the road Marenvägen, 137 meters from point zero of the Tellus Time line, contemporarily speaking, illustrates the mother blast and universe's formation about 13 700 million years ago.