The exhibition

A unique nature experience - a dramatic story

Söderfjärden is an unusual place on earth.meteorian_fran_faltet_thumb.jpg

  • a unique meteorite crater that occurred in a violent crash 520 million years ago
  • a rare clear crater pit filled with deposits
  • today a dried up agricultural area and a paradise for birds

meteoria_besokare_thumb.jpgThe exhibition in the Meteoria tells the fascinating history of the crater with
an intense and colorful multimedia show, with instructive light cabinets,
drill cores, meteorites, bird sounds and historical agricultural implements.

The exhibition is inside and around a typical Ostrobothnian stock-ria (a building used by the farmers back in the days for various uses) which has been moved to the site.

The name Meteoria is a new construction of the Swedish words meteorit + ria.