• Celestron CPC-1100, Schmidt-Cassegrain mirror telescope with 11 inch (280 mm) mirror diameter
  • Dobson telescope with 12 inch (300 mm) mirror (Odyssey 1)
  • Dobson telescope with 8 inch (200 mm) mirror (Helios)
  • An older refracting telescope with about 8 inch (200 mm) diameter and about 100 inch (2500 mm) focal length
  • Binoculars

Other equipment

  • A number of different eyepieces from 4 to 40 mm
  • Different eyepiece filters, for example moon filters and nebula filters
  • Adapters for cameras (Canon, Nikon and Pentax)
  • Sun filters for sunspots (in daylight)

A computer is used for showing slideshows with video a projector in the observatory’s first floor. The computer will also be used to take CCD photos of the night sky with the Celestron telescope.